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Saturday, September 18, 2010

You voted

You guys did say more Online Gaming so heres to some vanilla wow, the good old days!

So many people like to take the good old days route. Trust me there were amazing moments back then. There are awesome moments now. But lets go back to Vanilla for a moment. Here are things I don't miss.

UBRS "Rend Blackhand" Loot Window bug. I dunno how many times we ran it for our poor paladin who was never on the loot list for the Blackhand Doomsaw.
The Onyxia key quest chain. ( Fun doing it once, but 40x over for all the guildies /cry)
5 minute paladin blessings with a 40 man raid.
The grind to field marshal or grand marshal >.<
Mind Controlling the adds in LBRS to give the Fire Resist Buff to 40 players to kill Rag, and have to do it again after a wipe.
Having to travel to Ashenvale to get into to WSG.
Mounts at level 40, and costing 90g (81g if Honoured), with the riding skill costing 10g. The epic mount cost 900g, with the skill being 100g.
Barrens with ONE GY!
No Shaman in the Alliance, no Paladins for the Horde
Dwarf Priests were the only ones in the game with Fear Ward
Shaman gear dropping for Alliance parties, Paladin gear dropping for Horde.

What are things, you don't miss about Vanilla wow?

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