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Monday, September 20, 2010


Sup guys, gonna share a poem i made today in class.

Heal the Trauma
Rasping is Arbitrary
Ensue the Tattered Pieces

Ehh its not finished but its a work in progress, teacher told us to steal some words from some article we read and put them together like that. That probably doesnt make any sense anyways but oh well.
Band of Joy

Saturday, September 18, 2010

You voted

You guys did say more Online Gaming so heres to some vanilla wow, the good old days!

So many people like to take the good old days route. Trust me there were amazing moments back then. There are awesome moments now. But lets go back to Vanilla for a moment. Here are things I don't miss.

UBRS "Rend Blackhand" Loot Window bug. I dunno how many times we ran it for our poor paladin who was never on the loot list for the Blackhand Doomsaw.
The Onyxia key quest chain. ( Fun doing it once, but 40x over for all the guildies /cry)
5 minute paladin blessings with a 40 man raid.
The grind to field marshal or grand marshal >.<
Mind Controlling the adds in LBRS to give the Fire Resist Buff to 40 players to kill Rag, and have to do it again after a wipe.
Having to travel to Ashenvale to get into to WSG.
Mounts at level 40, and costing 90g (81g if Honoured), with the riding skill costing 10g. The epic mount cost 900g, with the skill being 100g.
Barrens with ONE GY!
No Shaman in the Alliance, no Paladins for the Horde
Dwarf Priests were the only ones in the game with Fear Ward
Shaman gear dropping for Alliance parties, Paladin gear dropping for Horde.

What are things, you don't miss about Vanilla wow?

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Let me start this blog entry with a random rant! Skip this if you just want some gaming blog!!
       So first of all, today i went into some random music store in order to purchase a harmonica in the key of C. The clerk asked me how old iam, sure enough i answered 17. He told me that i had to be 18 in order to purchase the harmonica. I instantly RAGED.
      I asked him WHY? He reply'd with "Not my rules ask your governor". He told me to come in with someone over 18. But seriously im not mad at him, just that they treated me like a fucking little kid. Like seriously? Are u fucking serious? 18 years old? A few months make that much of a difference?
     Fuck them then, i rather just buy it off ebay from some random loser that makes money selling them. Times are getting different and im hating it very much. Most damn rules are retarded and pointless and fuck over innocent people that didnt do shit. I bet you this happened because some idiot killed someone with a HARMONICA IN THE KEY OF C. Damn idiots.

Shit Bricks!

     But okay guys enough about my day. Today we will talk about mothafuckin Pokemon. Thats fucking right, in BOLD.  But again i willl bring you guys more nostalgia. If you are familiar with Red/Blue/Yellow version for the gameboy then you will find this article relevant to your interest. This is a creepypasta that i found very interesting and scared the fuck out of me(seriously).  Heres the link. The link...LOL get it ?!?!



Wednesday, September 15, 2010


    Ok guys, this one focuses more on the OLD MMOing. Bare with me newfags.
     MMORPG's(Massively Mutliplayer Online Role Playing Game) have become quite popular since back in the day. Its something any gamer should try if they have not. I would always think about how awesome it would be playing with different people from around the world when SNES was still in its prime and only a couple years later was this possible. I started gaming with a SNES back in 1996. For all you n3wf@gz MMO's started in the late 90s. And yes t7p3in le1k d1z w@s kEwl back in the day so fuck u, but you would be a fucking retard to do that nowadays. Back in the 1990's i was thought it was not possible, but a man could dream right? but guess what? Shit was already possible! FUUUUU. It seemed kind of a crazy idea that wouldnt be accomplished for a very long time back when i was little, some futuristic shit you know? For me it was next to curing cancer on mars.
This Game sucks. 

   Back in 2002 i saw my cousin playing game and asked him what was it, sure enough it was the craphole that now is Tibia. I was amazed but confused. A game other then solitaire, minesweeper, etc and ZNES emulator on a computer? FUCK OUTA HERE. He explained to me the whole concept of the game and how he was playing with hundreds of people. I could not believe it, i told him to attack someone and the person ended up PKing him(Player killing), it took that much to believe him. Needless to say my cousin got OWNED. This game started back in 1997, when it was actually good. I later joined Runescape(Back then it was RS1). Keep in mind these games were TOP back in there prime. They were pretty fun in the early 2000s.

  So if MMO's were possible back in the 90s, then what made them so non popular? Obviously back in the 90s barly anyone had a PC broke mothafuckass, but it wasnt that. It was that no one knew wtf a PC could do or what it was, shit, some people until this day need PC help.  And those who had a PC did not even have a internet connection. You know how fucking shit it was to get disconnected when u have dial up? 5 damn mins just to connect and then get disconnected by your aunt who wants to ask you where your mom is at! FUCK.

I actually LOVED dial-up. It made the internet so sacred, you had to know what you were going to do BEFORE you got on the internet. Websites were passed by word of mouth. It limited the time you can spend on games, talking on AOL was the coolest shit evarrr. Trolling was the most easiest shit ever, you can seriously injure someone by telling them to press alt f+4(takes them off the internet with aol) being that it took forever to log back in. I actually miss all of that. Back when it took 3 hours per song, pages took forever to load, gaming time was limited, librarys were basically LAN partys to play cartoon network flash games on(new games every week shit was so cash). The only thing i guess i dont miss is the softcore porn.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Halo Reach

Halo Reach finally came out today. Sleeping will be omitted and the regular crowd of twelve year olds will swarm the online play. Even though im not to fond of the series for i do think it is overrated, i do actually wanna try this game out for some reason. Halo 3 was fun even though i brought it because it was overhyped. But it didnt live up at all to the hype it got.

You can say im a noob in the series. I haven't done much haloing in my gaming career. But it does look like a very good game to get before Black Ops comes out. Modern warfare 2 got pretty annoying/boring/repetitive and etc very long ago, cant believe people still make a deal about it since its been out since early november in 2009 and only got talked about in 2010. It will probably be like that for halo reach aswell.

If i had money to buy halo reach i probably would..oh yeah and to pay for my damn xbox live(fuck you microsoft). Yet again only because of the hype i would. The fact that it has guns and i can shoot people with it is the only reason i would get it. I dont give a fuck who master cheif is or what his face looks like, what timeline the game is set in, what yearm or the lore of the story, again.. i just wanna shoot some people down and piss them off over the internet, because thats what FPS online gameplay is all about kids.