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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Halo Reach

Halo Reach finally came out today. Sleeping will be omitted and the regular crowd of twelve year olds will swarm the online play. Even though im not to fond of the series for i do think it is overrated, i do actually wanna try this game out for some reason. Halo 3 was fun even though i brought it because it was overhyped. But it didnt live up at all to the hype it got.

You can say im a noob in the series. I haven't done much haloing in my gaming career. But it does look like a very good game to get before Black Ops comes out. Modern warfare 2 got pretty annoying/boring/repetitive and etc very long ago, cant believe people still make a deal about it since its been out since early november in 2009 and only got talked about in 2010. It will probably be like that for halo reach aswell.

If i had money to buy halo reach i probably would..oh yeah and to pay for my damn xbox live(fuck you microsoft). Yet again only because of the hype i would. The fact that it has guns and i can shoot people with it is the only reason i would get it. I dont give a fuck who master cheif is or what his face looks like, what timeline the game is set in, what yearm or the lore of the story, again.. i just wanna shoot some people down and piss them off over the internet, because thats what FPS online gameplay is all about kids.


  1. Halo Reach, in my opinion, is the only Halo in the series worth being actually excited about. But then again, I'm a Playstation man, so my opinion is moot. :)

  2. eh i only liked the ps2 and ps1, not to fond of ps3 :(